India to launch a Space & Science channel “ISRO TV” soon

Soon, India will be launching a dedicated space & science TV channel that will reach every corners of India and will be benefiting people across the country.

India will soon launch a dedicated space and science television channel to make their benefits reach people across the country.

On the 99th Birth anniversary of Vikram Sarabhai, the father of India’s Space programme, a statue dedicated to him was unveiled.

While speaking to media at the ISRO headquarter, the Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation” (ISRO) K. Sivan said, “Within the next three to four months of this year, a television channel will be launched to reach even the most rural parts of India which will be showing how the space programme is going to benifit the common man”.

The channel will be named as “ISRO TV”, and will telecast space & science programmes and will also highlight the benefits of the space agency’s missions. The channel will be in multi language i.e., regional languages as well as English, in order to reach people across the country.

Sivan further added, “Our effort through this channel is to make people aware of the benefits of the space programme as at present the information on India’s space missions and their applications are not reaching the people fully”.

The ISRO also aims to attract and develop scientific rigor among India’s children and youth through this channel. ISRO will also be setting up a module for students from classes 8-10 that will be trained at the space agency for a month. In order to implant scientific temper among students, ISRO officials will also mentor them for atleast 25-30 days. The students will also be allowed to visit ISRO’s labs and launch facilities and will be inspired to make their own small satellites at the end of the programme.

Sivan further added “We are also in the process of setting up space galleries and museums across the country,”

ISRO will also be opening up its Spaceport to public at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh following its plan to reach out to the people of the country in a mega way. On the lines of American space agency NASA, Indians will also be able to pay visits to the launch facility at Sriharikota.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (who oversees the Department of Space) appreciated the project which is to be launched soon.

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