Modern Facts and Quotes on Independence Day of India

Modern Facts and Quotes on Independence Day of India

Our country India attained freedom on 15th August 1947 and today, i.e, 15th of August’18 we are celebrating 72 years of freedom.

In this modern era, there’s no doubt at all our people have turned modern but we are still laging behind and need to be freed with these social prejudices. We need to convert narrow mindsets into broad minded. We should be open-minded and do something unusual or extraordinary, overcoming the narrowness of mind.

We have received few beautiful messages by our viewers which we have mentioned below. We are really proud of their positive thoughts and knowledge.

आधुनिक देशभक्ति

ये कैसा रिवाज मेरे देश के लोगो का है..
स्वतंत्रता दिवस मनाने का होड़ सा है।

वो जो कभी देश की भलाई के लिए एक छन न देते थे…
आज हर जगह अपनी चर्चा बनाते दिखे है।

सिमट गई है देशभक्ति सिर्फ सोशल साइटस तक…
क्यों नहीं है देश की फिक्र किसी को ??
क्या सबको है अपने – अपने धर्मो से मतलब??

जरूरतमंदओ की सहायता करने का भी
फोटो- वीडियो से शायद रह गया है मतलब…

सहयोग और संयम की मानसिकता क्यों भूल गयी है दुनिया??
“जाने किस दौर में चली जा रही है दुनिया”

मुझे रहने दो इस होड़ में पीछे दोस्तो
ना हो पाएगा ये बेहिसाब दौड़ मुझसे…

न मैं कोई देश द्रोही हूँ न चाहिये देशभक्ति का इनाम कोई
एक सोच हूँ जो…
जज़्बा रखती है देश की ताररकी में भागीदारी का।

– by Pooja Jaiswal

This Independence Day


This Independece Day, let Nation be free, let people be free

Of all age old prejudices, of all the blind beliefs..

Of the predominant racisms, social Divisions…

This independence Day, Set children free of their laborers,
Instead, give them a new life of hope and joy,
Let them fly so high, like the birds do in the open sky,
Let them blossom independently,in the Springs of our garden,
Set them free, let them free, set them free….

This independence Day, Set Girlchild and women free
of their Choice, to rejoice
Let them walk free on the streets,
Treat them with dignity, they’re not a doll
Respect their presence, they’re not a doll
Let them use their Rights to lead their life…

This independence day, let’s make our mind so free,
Liberty are to be such that the head is held so so high,
Let us make our nation proud,by the deeds of ours…
Let us make our world so poud, n world so free…

– by Krishna Chhetri



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