“Vijayi vishwa tiranga pyaara, Jhanda uncha rahe humara” – Dream come true moments for Indians at Asian Games 2018

Everyone loves to see its country’s national flag flying high, and when the country’s flag is flowing above its opponent rival countries, then the head helds even more high.

Similar moments were seen in the Asian Games 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia, When the Indian national flag was flowing high above the neighbouring countries China and Pakistan. Whole India was feeling proud of it.

Neeraj Chopra aimed at gold and won gold medal at the Asian Games, Jakarta. He became the first Indian javelin-thrower to win an Asian Games gold medal by throwing 88.06 meters of spear in javelin throw. The gold was infact India’s 8th gold medal🥇 at the Asian Games.

Neeraj Chopra threw 88.06 metres in his third attempt. He also shattered his own national record of 87.43 by clearing a distance of 88.06m. The 20-year-old’s winning throw came in his third attempt. He began with 83.46m and fouled the second attempt. Neeraj had committed two fouls. His second and sixth attempts were fouls.

In this competition, his two rival countries were Pakistan and China. China secured second place in this competition. Chinese player Liu Quizen won the silver by throwing 82.22 meters spear. While the Pakistani player Arshad Nadeem, who threw 80.75 meters, finished third and had to satisfy with a bronze medal.

During the award distribution ceremony, the Indian Tricolour was placed above Chinese and Pakistani flag.

India’s relation with Pakistan and China has not been always cordial. It was this moments when whole of India was feeling proud and must be singing the flag song – “Vijayi vishwa tiranga pyaara, Jhanda uncha rahe humara, Pyaara Bhaarat desh humaara”


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