Majerhat Bridge Collapsed in Kolkata

A portion of the Majerhat bridge in south Kolkata collapsed following heavy rainfall on Tuesday evening.

Majerhat Bridge in South Kolkata is one of the most busiest bridge and on Diamond Harbour Road. According to initial reports, several people are feared trapped under the debris.

The state disaster management team, ambulances, Police, Fire fighters has reached the spot for the rescue of the trapped people. The locals has also joined the rescue operation.

Ambulances have arrive at the spot where part of Majerhat bridge in South Kolkata has collapsed on Tuesday.

Five people have reportedly been confirmed dead. The number is likely to go up as several vehicles were passing under and over the bridge when it collapsed. Atleast one mini bus and several cars have been crushed under the collapsed bridge. Rescue operations are underway.

Earlier, in 2016, a underconstruction flyover Vivekanand Bridge in north Kolkata had collapsed. And today’s collapse of the Majerhat Bridge is almost a rerun of it.

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