Injured leopard dies at Khairbari rescue centre in dooars

Injured leopard dies at Khairbari rescue centre in dooars.

A leopard which was hit by a speeding vehicle on 15th September between Birpara and Tasati T.G is no more.

As per sources, the leopard’s backbone was broked due to the impact of vehicle. It was undergoing treatment at Khairbari Rescue Centre, where it died due to broken backbone which caused infection in the internal organs.

Earlier on 15th September, A speeding vehicle hit a leopard between Birpara T.G. And Tasati T.G.

According to the Locals, a savari going towards Falakata from Birpara banged a leopard while it was crossing the highway near Birpara T.G. (Dalgaon) on Saturday 15th of September around 3PM.

The accident took place at Birpara-Falakata road. Leopard got some serious injuries on back and was not able to move for long. The locals even tried to stop the vehicle but it somehow fled from the spot.

The poor animal couldn’t even move for long time. Some people even tried to check whether it got some serious injuries or not. It finally managed to move and entered the tea gardens. The people were worried as the injured leopard entered the tea garden. The locals were also worried as the injured leopards have attacked livestock and even humans in past.

After few time the Forest officials reached the spot and searched the injured leopard in the tea garden. They tranquilized the leopard and took it for better treatment.

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