Man stabs Co partner in a lodge room at Birpara

Birpara, 5th January : In a shocking incident at Birpara, a man stabbed his co partner in a lodge room at Birpara.

Attacker detained while the injured has been admitted to Birpara SG Hospital.

According to the sources, the group of 3-4 people coming from Guwahati, Assam were supposed to stay in a lodge for a night. The incident took place inside the room of the lodge at about 8:30 pm.

Due to some personal dispute, one of the person among them stabbed other person in the belly. After stabbing the person escaped from the spot.

The badly injured person has been taken immediately to the Birpara S.G hospital. While the police caught the attacker from #Birpara Chowpati.

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