Children in tea gardens miss opportunities to fetch drinking water

Tulsipara: How will the Children be able go to school when every single day is a “Battle for Water” ? These pictures are from Tulsipara and Lankapara tea gardens of Alipurduar district in West Bengal, India where the daily routine is to collect water. The children along with other family members spend whole day traveling kilometers merely to get few buckets of water for daily usage.

People from tea garden are already fighting with many problems, be it poor dusty-muddy road, poverty, fear of wild animal attack etc. The availability of basic facilities like water, health care, education is also poor. The state of the livelihoods of workers (especially tea-garden labourers) suffering perennial misery and insecurity remain unheard and ignored.

What the administration is doing for these children? If ignored, many talents will be wasted merely collecting water. If handpumps are installed and maintained nearby, it will be a source of easy access to clean and safe water. When this happens, chances to stay in school and learning will rise promoting more school attending children.

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