Thai doctors gets apparent success in treating Coronavirus with cocktail of flu,HIV drugs

Coronavirus has so far infected 17387 people all over the world. While 17205 of these infected people are only in China. So far, 362 people have died due to coronavirus. Before any other country could get success in making an anti Corona Virus medicine, Thai doctors have been apparently successful in making a new anti Corona Virus medicine with combination of drugs for flu and HIV.

The government of Thailand claims that this drug is effective as after applying it, a patient recovered within 48 hours.

Thai doctor Kriangska Atipornwanich said that we applied this new combination of medicine to a 71-year-old female patient and in 12 hours after giving the medicine, the patient sat up on the bed, before that she couldn’t move. In 48 hours, she was 90 percent healthy. In a few days, she will be completely healthy and will be discharged.

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Dr. Kriangska Atipornwanich said that we tested this drug in the lab and we got very positive results. This gave relief to the patient within 12 hours and in 48 hours, the patient was fully recovered.

The drug treatment of coronavirus includes, mixture of anti-flu drug Oseltamivir in combination with anti-HIV drug lopinavir and ritonavir used in treatment of HIV.

A total of 19 confirmed cases of coronavirus have occurred in Thailand so far. 8 of these patients have been cured in 14 days and sent to their homes. 11 people are still under treatment. Doctor Kriangska Atipornwanich has expressed the hope that the remaining patients will be cured soon with this new medicine.

The Thai government has sent this medicine to its central laboratory to make it more robust and accurate. If the laboratory tests results will be successful, then it may be considered as the first successful drug of coronavirus.

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