Antarctica records its hottest day ever as temperature hits 18.3 degrees

A research base in Antarctica has recorded the hottest temperature ever for the continent amid raising concerns about melting of polar ice-caps due to global warming.

The earth’s southernmost continent Antarctica has experienced its hottest temperature ever recorded, with thermometer reading 18.3 °C (64.94 °F).

This reading beats Antarctica’s previous record of 17.5 °C set in March 2015, according to the Argentine base. Esperanza located on the northern tip of Antarctic peninsula, has been collecting data since 1961.

“(This) is not a figure you would normally associate with Antarctica in summertime. This beats the previous record of 17.5°C, which was set back in March 2015,” United Nation’s World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) spokesperson Clare Nullis said.

The northern most tip of Antarctic peninsula near South America, is among the fastest warming regions on earth with temperature rapidly raising over the past 50 years, the WMO said.

It added, Some 87% of the glaciers along the west coast have retreated over the past five decades and have shown an ‘accelerated retreat’ in the past twelve years. The scientists believes that it is the effect of global warming that has caused rapid melting of giant ice sheets in the south pole.

The Esperanza base’s reading breaks the 2015 record for the mainland Antarctica continent while the record for the Antarctic region is 19.8 °C recorded on Signy Island in January 1982.

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