Indian Army’s College of Military Engineering develops India’s first and world’s cheapest ‘Gunshot Locator Device’

Lucknow, DefExpo: In a significant development move, the Indian Army’s College of Military Engineering (CME) along with a private firm has jointly developed India’s first gunshot locator device ‘PARTH’.

This device is claimed to be the cheapest gunshot locater in the world. It can track down the exact location of the source and direction of the gunfire from a distance of 400 metres.

The device could prove fatal for terrorists carrying hidden attacks on Indian security forces. The technology will facilitate the forces to trace and neutralise terrorists even quicker.

Additionally, Anoop Mishra, an Indian army Major has developed a bulletproof helmet which can resist against AK-47 bullets. The helmet is capable to resist AK-47 bullet fired from a distance as less as 10 meters.

The ballistic helmet weighing 1.4 kgs has been developed under project Abhedya. Maj. Anoop Mishra has previously developed a full-body protection bulletproof jacket which can withstand even sniper rifles.

Major Anoop Mishra is a part of Indian Army’s College of Military Engineering (CME) and he proceeded into the development of bulletproof armour after he survived gunshots on his vintage bulletproof jacket. Both the product are displayed at the ongoing annual event DefExpo in Lucknow.

The Indian Army’s College of Military Engineering (CME) situated at Pune, is a premier tactical and technical training institution. CME is also responsible for the training of personnel of the Corps of Engineers besides conveying instructions in Combat Engineering, CBRN Protection, Works Services and GIS matters to the personnel of All Arms & Services.

Development of both devices could give an upper hand to the security forces especially in counter-insurgency (CI), counter-terrorism (CT) operations in the Kashmir Valley.

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