Researchers capture the first microscopic image showing ‘real appearance’ of new Corona Virus

A team of researchers have revealed the first ever image showing ‘the real appearance’ of the novel corona virus.

There is an atmosphere of panic all over the world due to corona virus. Meanwhile, many teams of scientists around the world are engaged in research on this new virus. The team of Chinese scientists have successfully captured the picture of the real structure of the virus. This is a huge success.

(image- Shenzhen Third Hospital / we chat)

A team of scientists has released the first picture of the corona virus, in which its ‘true form’ is seen.

(image- Shenzhen Third Hospital / we chat)

According to the Daily Mail, scientists have captured the virus after neutralizing it. Scientists have achieved this success with the help of frozen electron microscope analysis technique to inactivate a strain of the virus.


Experts are constantly trying to find a cure for corona virus. Meanwhile, the corona virus picture can play an important role in this direction.


The Daily Mail has reported that the virus samples have been protected through electron microscope analysis technology. This is the most authentic result ever.

Liu Chuang, a member of the team of experts and associate professor, said, “The form of the virus that we see is exactly the same as it is in nature.”

Scientists also captured an important intermediate state in the host cell when it was in the process of infection by the virus. This research was jointly done by the Shenzhen National Clinical Medical Research Center for Infectious Diseases and Southern University of Science and Technology.

Schengen Third Hospital Secretary Liu Lei said, the discovery will help in the development of drugs and vaccines against corona virus. The data from this research could provide more insights in understanding the life cycle of the virus.

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