India close to find treatment for Corona Virus, Bengaluru doctor claims

India close to find treatment for Corona Virus, Bengaluru doctor claims.

  • Good news amid Corona virus outbreak
  • Bangaluru doctor gives important information about Corona
  • Claims to treat corona soon

Coronavirus is causing havoc all over the country. The number of patients infected with corona has crossed 900 and 19 people has succumbed to death. A 21-day lockdown has also been declared across the country due to a deadly infection. While everyone from the central and state governments is busy in dealing with this deadly virus.

Research team around the world are continously working to create medication and vaccine to combat the worldwide corona virus epidemic. Meanwhile, a good news has emerged from Bangaluru. An Indian doctor from Bengaluru has claimed to have made corona virus medicine.

Oncologist Dr. Vishal Rao of HCG Hospital Bangalore said that “the new drugs have been prepared by combining some medicines. We are in a preliminary phase and are expected to be ready with its first set by the end of this week. We have applied to the government for an early review”.

He also said that human body cells have the ability to fight the virus. Cells contain interferons, which are helpful in fighting the virus. However, these interferons cannot be released from corona infected cells, weakening its immune system and increasing the effect of the virus.

Dr. Rao stated that in our research we found that these interferons are also helpful in fighting the corona virus. For this, we have prepared a mixture of cytokines, that can be injected to reactivate the immune system in COVID-19 patients. Since it is not a vaccine, it cannot prevent infection with COVID-19. It focuses on COVID-19 positive patients.

When we extract blood for routine testing, we get a buffy coat, which can be used to extract cells and make interferons. These two chemicals and some other cytokines, in a specific convection, may possibly be very useful in treating COVID19 patient

Dr. Rao said this drug has been prepared in collaboration with infection specialist, ICU team and other team.

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