Illegal teak timbers worth lakh recovered from Dalmore TG amid lockdown

Birpara, April 28: 27 CFT Segun (Teak wood) timbers were recovered from inside a Maruti vehicle before being smuggled from Dalmore under Birpara Police in Alipurduar district of West Bengal.

The teak tree logs were recovered by the forest officials of Dalgaon forest range on Monday night. A truckload of timber was seized but no smuggler was caught. The current market value of the recovered timber is around One lakh rupees.

After receiving special inputs, the forest officials of Dalgaon forest range raided the Sukti river in Dalmore late at night on Monday. At that time, four teak trees logs were being taken away in a Maruti car. However, after realizing the operation of the forest department, the smugglers left the vehicle and fled.

Dorji Sherpa, a ranger at the Dalgaon Forest Range, said “the timber and the vehicle were seized during a raid by patrolling forest workers while smuggling timber from the forest. However, the smugglers left the car and escaped when chased by the forest workers. The logs were being smuggled through the Gopalpur tea garden via Sishubari to the Dhulagaon area. The estimated value of the confiscated timber is around one lakh rupees. The car was also confiscated. ”

Birpara-Dalmore-Makrapara road between Dalmore forest

Earlier, forest officials of Dalgaon Range had confiscated several small vehicles without number plates while smuggling timber from the area through Birpara. One can easily see the deforested area of Dalmore forest near Birpara-Makrapara Road. However, the forest officials do not dare to carry out raids in the area without the help of the police. Ranger Dorjee Sherpa said, “Smugglers are changing routes. However, there will be continuous operations to stop illegal activities.”

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