Champions returns to home with Gold..!!


Students of Dooars Sports Karate Academy, Birpara returns to home after winning 1 Gold 🥇 2 Silver🥈 and 2 Bronze🥉 in The 4th International Karate Championship 2018 which was held at Kolkata.

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Coach Sensei Anil Lohar said, ” It is an honour to us as we represented our country in an international event. We are very much proud of our students as they performed very well and won gold, silver and bronze medals”

1. Soham sachin sinde (Gold Medal 🥇) (Age : 12 kumite, Weight : 35Kg)

2. Bivash Limboo (Silver Medal 🥈) Age : 13 kumite, Weight : 42Kg)

3. Sujana Sunwar (Bronze Medal 🥉) (Age : 15 kumite, Weight : 50)

4. Dawa Lama (Silver Medal 🥈) (Age :16 kumite Weight : 50Kg)

5. Souvik Sarkar (Bronze Medal 🥉) (Age :17 kumite Weight :67Kg)

6. Varun Tiwari (Age :8 kumite Weight : 25Kg)

7. Monish Das (Age :17 kumite Weight : 55Kg)

8. Sital Darjee (Age :14 kumite Weight :45Kg)

-Sensei Anil Lohora 2nd Dan Black Belt Dooars Sports Karate Academy Birpara.

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