Closed Grassmore tea garden sets to reopen today


#GrassmoreTeaGarden set to reopen today

The closed Grassmore tea garden of #Dooars in #Jalpaiguri district is going to open from Tuesday. For the past two years the garden was closed but now the garden is being opened through the new owner.The workers are happy after getting news of the garden’s reopening. This agreed in the meeting held at #TeaAssociationOfIndia, Dooars branch in #Ethelbari , in the presence of newly elected Alipurduar’s MP John Barla of on Monday.

Earlier, the decision to reopen the tea garden was taken in a meeting held at the Jalpaiguri Deputy Labor Commissioner’s Office. There will be another meeting after 8 months for the payment of outstanding dues of workers.

According to the agreement, along with the opening of the tea garden, the workers will get a some payment. The workers will get Rs 176 as daily sanction.

The new garden owner will also start ambulance service for workers. Saifuddin Mandal, an industrialist from Jalpaiguri, has acquired the garden. The number of workers in the tea garden is 1200, whereas five thousand families are dependent on this garden.


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