Construction of Birpara Laal Pul will commence soon..!!


Almost after 2 decades, the dream of reconstruction of Lalpul is going to come true.

It is to be mentioned that the Public Works Department has stepped up the process of starting the project after regular news on horrific condition of bridge were published.

The work of diversion has been started for alternate road before breaking the bridge. It is noteworthy that due to long periods of ignorance, the drivers were forced to pass through the bridge taking life risk even after the signboards were placed prohibiting passage of heavy vehicles.

The bridge connects seven tea gardens from Birpara including Lankapara, Makrapara. Due to the plying of heavy vehicles between Birpara and Gomtu Bhutan via Makrapara and Pugli Bhutan via Lankapara, carrying dolomite, cements etc the condition of the bridge and road became worst.

Earlier, the state government allocated ₹136 crores for the construction of roads and bridges. Sanjid Gadhai, Executive Engineer, Alipurduar, said that within the stipulated time, the culvert, bridge and road will be ready.


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