Dalgaon range forest officials seized 35 CFTs of illegal timbers worth lakhs


Birpara, July 16: Dalgaon Range forest workers while conducting a regular campaign to guard the forest, seized five teak logs along with a Magic Supro van, on Haripur Malangi Road adjacent to the national highway in Madarihat at around 4 this morning. However, they managed to knock down the smugglers van loaded with teak logs from the road into the bushes but no one was arrested.

Dalgaon Forest Ranger Dorjee Sherpa said, “a small vehicle (WB 55 9783) with five illegal teak logs was seized in the morning raid. The seized 5 logs which is equivalent to 35 CFTs have an estimated market value of Rs 1 lakh 20 thousand. However, no one was arrested.”

Dalgaon Range Forest Officer Dorjee Sherpa further said, “We are working to protect the forest by keeping ourselves awake even at night.” However, such increasing activities of smugglers are pushing towards destruction of forest. In result the wild animals are entering the human settlements. Environment is becoming polluted with declining level of Oxygen. Keeping these things in mind, the forest department will continue its campaign against such illegal activities. Timber smugglers should also think about the environment and society. Every individual of the society must come forward to help the forest department to save the environment.

Forest workers of Dalgaon Range recovered a lot of teak wood after conducting a three-day operation. Environmentalists have also expressed their gratitude towards the restless efforts made by Dalgaon Range in forest conservation.


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