Illegal teak timbers worth lakhs including Tata Xenon van seized


Birpara, June 22: The Dalgaon Range forest officials on Sunday seized a vechile with vehicle registration no WB 63A 0688 (tata Xenon) with 12 Teak logs about 70 CFTs being smuggled near Dhulagaon bankandhi school, Madarihat area in Alipurduar district of West Bengal.

Dalgaon forest Ranger Dorjee Sherpa said, “acting on a source information, teak trees that were cut down from Dalmore forest just two days ago were being smuggled in a vehicle, they chased the vehicle (tata xenon) and seized it along with illegal teak logs. The total market value of 12 Saigun logs (Teak wood timber) measuring 70 CFTs is estimated around 2 lakh 60 thousand.

The Forest Department has regularly appealed to help the Forest Department in conserving the forest, but the trees are being cut down illegally. “Now that the rate of deforestation has raised exponentially, we are forced to take the toughest possible action against the smugglers,” said Dalgaon forest Range Officer Dorje Sherpa.

It should be noted that the department has seized illegal teak, simal logs and timber atleast six times since March to June this year.

On 9th March teak log with pickup van, 12th March simal logs with pickup van, March 17 teak logs and pick-up van, March 22 teak log along with pickup van, 30th March teak log, 2nd June Magic supro van with 8 teak logs. He further said “we will continue such operation and arrest the smugglers,” said Ranger Dorje Sherpa.

Dalmore Forest reason

Environment lovers have expressed their gratitude and happiness for the continuous efforts & campaign of Dalgaon forest range to arrest timber smugglers.


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