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University of Hyderabad faculty develops possible vaccine candidate against Corona Virus

University of Hyderabad faculty succeeds in developing potential vaccine candidates against corona virus, drug will be ready soon.

  • Coronavirus will be treated soon in the country
  • University of Hyderabad inches closer to create vaccine against 2019-nCoV
  • Vaccine for the deadly virus is being prepared

Hyderabad: In the midst of the havoc created by Corona virus (2019-nCoV) in India, everyone is waiting for the cure of this deadly virus. This is the reason that researchers from all over the country are are tirelessly working day and night in finding medicines to avoid this deadly virus. Physicians at their own level are engaged in making vaccination for treatment of coronavirus. Meanwhile, a ray of hope news has emerged from the University of Hyderabad.

The University of Hyderabad has claimed that they will soon prepare a coronavirus vaccine. This means soon Corona patients in the country will be treated. A faculty member of the University’s Department of Biochemistry has created a possible vaccine candidate for the corona virus. The vaccine is called T-cell epitopes for testing all ‘structural and non-structural proteins’ of Covid-19.

Dr. Seema Mishra, a faculty member of the School of Life Sciences of the Department of Biochemistry, University of Hyderabad, has designed potential vaccine candidates for testing called cell epitopes against all structural and non-structural proteins of Covid-19.

Dr. Seema Mishra, twitter image

These vaccines are small coronaviral peptides used on behalf of molecules in cells. Immunity can be designed to destroy the cells that damage these viral peptides.

Using powerful immunoinformatics with computational software, Doctor Seema Mishra has designed these potential epitopes in such a way that the entire population can be vaccinated.

Usually it takes upto 1.5 years to find a vaccine, but modern powerful computational tools helped to make this vaccine in about 10 days. A rank list of potential vaccines has been prepared based on how effectively the human cells will use it to prevent the virus.

This coronaviral epitope does not have any adverse effect on human cells with any match present in the human protein pool, so the immune response will be against the viral protein and not the human protein. However these results have to be investigated experimentally to provide conclusive form. These results have been disseminated to the scientific community using the ChemRxiv preprint platform to test immediate experimental criteria.

The UoH has stated that vaccination will take few more time as further time is needed on the candidate epitopes.

This is the first study in India on 2019 nCoV vaccine design that explores the entire coronaviral proteome in virus-producing structural and non-structural proteins.


  1. Keep it up india
    U r great … Doctors appreciate
    U can save millions life …
    U all r next to GoD
    Our prayers are always with u all
    Love u all
    Phurpa wangchuk
    From Bhutan
    We love u India
    Keep it up


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