Wild elephant killed due to electrocution in Madarihat


Madarihat, June 25: A wild female elephant, left by the herd, was killed due to electrocution. The incident took place in East Madarihat area attached to Jaldapara wildlife sanctuary in West Bengal’s Alipurduar district on Wednesday.

According to the sources, a herd of 20-25 wild elephants came out of the Jaldapara sanctuary and entered the betel nut plantation of Manojit Burman, a resident of the East Madarihat. The elephant began to destroy the betel nut plantation one after the other. Meanwhile, a betel nut tree fell on an electric wire, breaking it. The same wire fell on the elephant which killing it on the spot due to severe electric shock.

As soon as the news was received, forest workers of Jaldapara National Park reached the spot and started investigating the incident.

The forest workers reached the spot after the incident and it has been speculated that the dead female elephant was around 20 years old. DFO Kumar Bimal said that the herd of elephants had entered the village at night due to heavy rain and was eating jackfruit when the betel nut tree fell on the electric wire and the elephant died of electrocution. He further said that he would know the exact facts after the autopsy report.

It is said that if the villagers had not acted on time, even a bigger accident could have happened. Noticing the electric wire broken over elephant, the local people turned off the main switch of transformer and drove the herd of elephants to the other direction, otherwise other elephants of the herd could come in its grip.


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